I am a photographer based in  Ivybridge, Devon, specialising in taking photographs of dogs doing what comes naturally, having fun.

Please look at my gallery to see examples of my work. 

For a free, no obligation, introductory call, please get in touch.


Complete the contact form below to book a no-obligation phone call when we will discuss what you are looking for. The important things we will cover will include:

  • Location – where is your dog’s happy place? I can also suggest locations (see gallery)
  • Activity  – what does your dog like to do, e.g. chase balls, frisbee, sticks
  • Image – what sort of action images are you looking for? Please see the galleries for ideas
  • Arrangements for the day, time etc
  • Terms & conditions – please see FAQs below.

Confirm the booking by paying the initial fee (Please refer to FAQs)

Once the booking is confirmed, I will send you a brief plan for the session

Each session will be around 45 minutes. Actual time will depend on your dog

We will try to follow the plan as much as possible but this will depend on how your dog behaves on the day

After the session, I will edit the photos and post them on your personal gallery & send you the log in details

You choose your 10 favourites which I will email to you after receipt of the final payment

Extra  photos can be purchased separately (see pricing)


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I accept the Terms and Conditions (See FAQs below)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Sessions will usually take around 45 – 60 minutes, but this will depend on your dog & how quickly they tire. I will work quickly to ensure we get the best shots. If I think your dog is getting too tired, I will stop the shoot. 

The purpose of the initial fee is to secure your session date & time. Bookings will only be confirmed once the fee is paid. If you cancel without notice, I would most likely have been able to book someone else into that slot. ​

The only time a fee will be refundable is if we have to cancel the session due to, for example, bad weather & cannot reschedule or if I have to cancel the session for any reason & you don’t wish to reschedule.

If you need to cancel, please call me at the earliest opportunity, so I can make the session available for another customer. With plenty of notice, I will be prepared to book 1 more session.

Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice or more than 1 cancellation will not be re-booked & your initial fee payment will be lost.

Your photos will only be released for download once the full amount is paid. Galleries & photos will be deleted completely after 28 days if full payment isn’t made.

Yes, absolutely. The dog will remain your responsibility at all times. This includes the dog’s welfare and behaviour, including cleaning up after them. I accept no responsibility for the behaviour of your dog. 

Also, you will be essential to the success of the shoot, to get the dog active & moving to get the best shots.

Yes,  if they can help with the shoot & motivate the dog

I will monitor the predicted weather conditions for the shoot & if it looks like there will be bad weather that will affect the shoot, I will call you to discuss & possibly re-arrange another time. 

After the shoot (within 24 hours) I will upload up to 50 photos onto your personal gallery which you will be able to access by a username & password. These will be watermarked. You then pick your 10 favourites & after the final payment is made, I will remove the watermark & you will be able to download these. These will be in .jpg format only.

If you want additional photos, these can be purchased individually (see pricing for details). Galleries will remain active for 1 year after the shoot.